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3 Tips To Establish Evidence Of A Soft Tissue Injury

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A car accident can cause a wide range of injuries. It is not uncommon for individuals to walk away from a car accident without any visible injuries, only to experience pain after the initial shock of their injuries wears off. Although soft tissue injuries can be very real for the person experiencing them, they can be difficult to prove. Here are three tips for helping you establish a soft tissue injury for the purpose of an insurance settlement.

Make Sure You See Your Primary Care Physician

Even if you walked away from the scene of the accident feeling okay, you should still go and see your primary care physician. It is best to follow up with your primary care physician within a week of your accident, especially if you are feeling sore.

If you just lay around your house and complain about your pain, when you pursue an insurance settlement, all your lawyer has to present is your word. However, if you go to see your primary care physician within a week of your accident, your primary care physician can be a viable and credible witness to your pain. Your primary care physician should be able to establish that the pain you are experiencing was not there prior to the wreck, since they see you on a regular basis, and can establish a link between your pain and the accident.

Additionally, your primary care physician can prescribe you medication as well as physical therapy and chiropractic care as a way to treat your pain. All of this will help you support your claim that you suffered from soft tissue injuries due to the vehicular accident you were involved in.

Get A Doctor's Note Before Seeing A Chiropractor

Often, soft tissue injuries are treated by a chiropractor. However, many insurance companies consider chiropractors to not be "real" doctors. Since many insurance companies hold this viewpoint, it is best to get a recommendation from your primary care physician before you see a chiropractor. It will give more legitimacy to the work that your chiropractor does if your doctor recommended you to them.

See An Established Chiropractor

Avoid going to a chiropractor who advertises all over the place for car accident victims. A chiropractor like that could develop a certain negative reputation with insurance companies.

Instead, go to the chiropractor your doctor recommended, or find one who has an established practice in your community and who serves patients with varying needs. Their testimony about your soft tissue injuries will gain more respect than the testimony of a chiropractor who sees car accident patients.

These tips can help you establish a solid claim for your accident injuries. Contact a law firm like Kuzyk Law for more information.