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Benefits Of Returning To Work After Receiving Workers' Compensation

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Getting injured on the job is an inconvenient situation for everyone involved.  An injured person will suffer from pain and possibly embarrassment.  Depending on the injury, a person may be out of work for a long period of time or may suffer a disability that will remain with them permanently.  The employer will lose an employee for an unknown period of time and will also be saddled with the consequences of the injury on the company.

Returning to work after time off due to a work injury can be difficult.  The injured employee might be worried about a range of concerns from their ability to do their job after the injury to how management will treat them.  Some injured employees want to put off returning to work for as long as possible.  However, there are many benefits to heading back to the job site after the doctor gives the all clear after a workers' compensation injury.

  • The longer you are out of work, the harder it will be to go back! It is important to understand that your doctor is looking out for your best interest.  If they clear you to go back to work, it means that they truly believe you are ready and capable.  If you don't feel 100% up to it, speak with a workers' compensation lawyer like J W Chalkley III PA.  However, giving work a try after you are cleared will likely help you in the long run if you end up struggling after your return.  Refusing to work has the possibility of making you look unwilling to work, which will reflect poorly on you.
  • Your employer will have an understanding of your injuries and will know your limitations.  Employers are required, by law, to make appropriate accommodations for you upon your return to work.  You are also protected from any type of retaliation. 
  • Returning to work may help you emotionally.  When a person is out of work due to an injury, they can develop low self-esteem and even depression.  Returning to work is emotionally beneficial.  Falling back into a routine where you can feel a sense of purpose again can help lift the spirits.
  • You will get social interaction with your coworkers. Returning to work means that you will  socialize with your coworkers.   This can give you a sense of normalcy again and make your transition back to work better.  It can also make you feel better overall.
  • Returning to work will likely get you more money. Workers' compensation won't pay as well as your actual job will.  When you are out of work, you will miss pay raises and will be passed over for promotion. 

You have many people on your team when you return to work after a work-related injury.  Everyone wants you to successfully reenter the work force, and there are many benefits to returning to work after an accident. Trust your doctor when they clear you to return to work, and give it a shot.  The longer you wait, the more difficult your return will eventually be!