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Seeking Compensation for Future Expenses after a Car Accident

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You may be aware that an injury claim against another driver's automotive insurance policy should pay for medical expenses and lost wages during recovery. But did you know that you can demand payment for future medical expenses and future lost income as well? An insurance company is likely to stall over this type of request, but it's important not to falter and accept less compensation than you deserve.

Future Financial Issues You Can Claim

Treatment for Pain 

Even after you have recovered enough to return to regular activity, you may experience chronic pain or bouts of pain needing treatment. That treatment might involve physical therapy, massage therapy or pain medication.

A doctor must verify that this problem is highly likely to be ongoing. You also can inform the insurer if you have been issued a long-term prescription for pain medication, such as for prescription-strength ibuprofen for a year with multiple refills. 


Talk with your doctor about the possibility of future surgery to correct any problems that worsen over time. Back pain, for example, can worsen to the extent that the injured person eventually decides on surgery. The settlement can include a provision that the insurer will pay for any future operation to correct problems directly related to this injury. 

Lost Salary Increases

If your injury interferes with your ability to progress in your career, you may be able to claim a lost salary increase. You'll need to provide evidence that you would have been offered the raise in pay. For example, your supervisor might confirm that you were on track to move to a higher-paying position within the year, but having to take so much time off work has interfered with that goal. 

Another aspect might involve future inability to do certain types of work that pay more than your current job does. Again, you would need to provide evidence that you were moving in the direction of that kind of work.

For instance, a medical clinic receptionist may have been enrolled in nursing school. However, an injury that is expected to result in chronic back pain probably will prevent that person from becoming a nurse and enjoying the higher pay associated with that occupation. 

Concluding Thoughts

If you believe you deserve more compensation than the at-fault driver's insurer is offering, contact an auto accident attorney for a free consultation. A serious injury can lead to ongoing expenses, and it's important to receive a settlement that will cover those costs.