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The Perks Of Using Engineered Hardwood Floors In A Kitchen

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A new hardwood floor can transform your kitchen, making it look more modern and adding functionality to the space. Hardwood is a sought after flooring product because, in addition to the inimitable style of wood, it is practical and low maintenance. However, the cost of a solid hardwood floor is usually quite high. If you have a limited budget for your kitchen renovation but desire the look of hardwood, you should consider investing in engineered hardwood floors. Besides the lower price tags, engineered floors also have several advantages when compared with real hardwood. This article explains some of those advantages.

They are Lightweight

Since engineered floors are so lightweight, they are easy to transport. Whether you have them delivered to your home or you pick them up at your local lumber yard, you shouldn't have any issues transporting them. A mini-van or small truck is usually sufficient for transporting the flooring, which is sold in small, easy-to-handle packages.

They are Affordable

As was already touched upon, engineered hardwood floors are affordable. Engineered floors are a fraction of the price of solid hardwood because the planks are not made out of one piece of hardwood. Instead, thin veneers of a cheaper wood composite are glued together. Only the top layer is made out of real hardwood. In general, you get a better discount when you buy in bulk, so it is more cost effective to do multiple rooms at once, if possible.

They are Made for Easy Installation

One of the main reasons for choosing engineered floors is that they are so easy to install. They are modular and the planks basically snap together with very little force. Some products will require a little tapping with a mallet to tighten the seams, but the project is straightforward. The only power tool you need to install engineered floors is a miter saw. So, with a few helpers and a miter saw, you can complete the project on your own. This, of course, makes the project even more cost-effective.

In effect, engineered floors look exactly like solid hardwood floors. The visible layer is often made out of the exact same wood you find in even the most expensive solid floors. It is easy to see why many home and property owners opt for engineered floors in their kitchens. When you do your kitchen renovation, seek guidance from a company like Big John's Closeouts, and consider engineered hardwood floors.